Saturday, September 30, 2006

I'm Alive!

Oh Blogger, I have been lazy haven't I?

I'm sorry, but I am happy to report that my Buddhist project is well on its way! I've found a temple very near to where I live, a place called the Quan Am monastery. I think that will be my main place of research. I found plenty of other places to visit, but its rather hard to find some of them. One of the temples is located in a rather shadey part of town, and although I had to trouble finding it, I don't feel comfortable going there alone. But that what boyfriends are for!

This Sunday I plan on going to Quan Am for their 10am Buddhist service, then I shall hand around and see if I can get anyone to talk to be and to do some more drawing. I have found that its been kinda hard to get people to talk to me, since I don't think many of the people at Quan Am speak English. But we'll see how it goes.

Now, as promised, I shall post some stuff from my Hindu project from last semester. I'll start with some sketchbook work, and then some of the paper I was making and them a few pieces of my paper.

So there we Go. Either later tonight, or perhaps tomorrow I will upload some stiff I have been working on so far and tell the world how my first Critique went. Until The, Blessings from the Kitty Goddess!

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