Sunday, October 01, 2006

10am- Quan Am

Today was a very good day for my project. I got myself up in time to attend the english ceremonys at Quan Am monestary today, and got quite a treat! When i arrived a young man names Quartney gave me a tour of the inside of the monestary, and explained to me what everything was and who Quan Am is, it was very insightful. After that there was a 15 min. meditation fallowed by a question and awnser session with A Monk. There were about 5 americans there including myself. We discussed things like the difference between rebirth and reincarnation and the problems that our modern technologies pose upon us. It was all very interesting, and i got a chance to meet some american buddhist here in memphis.

After that there was a delicous vegitarian lunch of bean sprout salad, sticky rice, fried eggplant and pumpkin soup! The soup was very sweet and good. While we ate there was even more talking about how to be a mindful buddhist and about spreading love. I got to do even more sketching and writting.

I will definatly keep going there every sunday morning.

Last wednesday we had our first critique. Here are just a few peices I showed:
I guess i had a posative response for the most part, though Joel did say I needed to do even more, and start using a larger veriety of tools while drawing. Also that i needed to start going bigger. Our quest cratiquer asked alot of questing, and didnt give me a posative or negative resonse really, just sugested to maybe get some sumi ink, and perhaps look into studying some chinese caligraphy. He also said to make sure not to enter out of the realm of anthropology and into the realm of tourism, but i dont think I need to worry about that.

I want to go into the pen drawings i did today with some ink, and then scan them on the schools scanner. So those will be coming soon!

As always, Blessings from the Kitty Goddess!

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