Tuesday, October 10, 2006

This week in memphis...

This was not the ost eventful week for my project. The main reason is that my mom was in town for the weekend and its midterms. And what can I say, My parents never visit me here in memphis, so I thought the visit deserved my attention. And the fact that she visited right at midterms does not help with how busy I shall be this week, but i was able to squeeze in a trip to the Buddhist temple on cleveland, and i did some talking to Debra Halstead about it. It turns out that it is closed to the public, but its in very good condition because the people who live around there keep up its garden and still visit. And it does have a beautiful garden!

I have also started the art for my portfolio presentation idea. You see i'm making something of a map, like an old fashioned treasure map or ship map. And I'm going to use it to display thumbnails of my art, then it will be folded up like a road map. The side without the map will have all my info on it like my artist statement and other projects I have worked on and so fourth. It should be fun!

And not for some art I scanned on my teachers giant scanner!

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