Thursday, March 29, 2007

finally something new

I know, its been forever since I last updated with any new work. Life outside of Art school is hard stuff. I work so much that i dont have much time to work on my own stuff, and when I do, its hard to get motivated to start something. But i got an Idea for an original character and did a nice water color painting about it.its my Geisha spy! I got the idea after playing a video game dealing with spy's and agents and thought it would be cool if there were a geisha who was really a spy for America or just the allied forces during WWII who used to skills as a Geisha to get info from government officals while she entertained them. But since no Geisha gets invited to every party, sho would need some ninja/spy training so should could get even more info.

It was really nice to be working on some stuff, and I think my little artist block is over and that I shall get back into the habbit of ding regular work. I soon hope to visit the closed buddhist temple with the lotas pond soon to see the lotas blossems in bloom. More to come!


catalystkin said...

Enjoy your interest in art, religion but not travel so much. the sketches are nice, but you lack a feeling for design in a 2 dimensional space. That's the trouble with all the 3D graphics, especially in games. You should get a book on classic Japanese illustrators and see how they always consider line, movement between line and space in their drawings. The little Korean girl featured on your deviantart site has learned much about how to distribute form and color in space. She minimizes her line work so as not to intefere with the movement of the composition.

Another artist to study is Cezane, expecially his watercolors.

Best regards, Cat.

Cody the cannibal said...

Nice one sweetheart.