Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Senior show fun.

Thursday I turned in my work for the senior show! Its was a bit late due to some unexpected time confusion and a meeting going on in the class room my stuff was in, but I got it in! Everyone was suposed to meet at 4pm to put everything up, and I needed my camera from dear Cody's apartment so i could print off a picture of how it was suposed to go up. The moment I left the school it started pouring down raining. As I ran into Cody's apartments Courtyard, i slipped on wet grass, landed on my left hand and hit my head on the concrete sidewalk.

Oh what fun that was, if hurt like the dickens, and my hand seemed like it was rather injured. Cody, being the sweet boy he is, rushed me around town looking for a walk-in clinic that accepted my insurence. It was a regular fiasco. I ended up finally getting in somewhere, and found out that i had "acute soft tissue damage in my left hand" but my head my fine, and I ended up with one hell of a bruise on my left theigh.

And while I was running around trying to recieve treatment, My teacher put up my senior show!
The recieption was great, i got alot of compliments on my work, and all in all, was very proud of myself. Its hard to believe I'm done with college.

Almost...theres still finals.

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