Tuesday, June 26, 2007

the girls with stalves

I recently gave myself a project where I would draw a series of characters that revolved around a Central theme, but try to give the characters themselves plenty of verity. This would help my develop of ability to design and draw original looking people. I wanted to focus on Different body types, facial structures, and how postures a facial expressions would portray personality. my theme sorta ended up being Girls with Staffs. Not the most original theme, but it just sorta happened. But I am very happy with what I have done so far, I think they are some of the best looking original characters I have drawn yet, and the watercolor isn't bad either.

As always, I would love any feed back. I want to know what you think! So Please leave many comments. Thanks!

(P.S. This last girl will soon be colored and uploaded soon)

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Derrick said...

Nice work, Miss Dziorney! The linework on the last character is a little Mucha-esque, esp. the hair. I think I remember you coloring that character when Cody and I were making my digital likeness in "Smackdown". You should post it sometime!