Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Horn Island

I recently got back from my favorite yearly trip to Horn Island. What Horn island trip you ask?

Well, My school takes a camping trip out to this island off the coast of Biloxi, MS every year. Horn island is a wild life preserve, so there is basically to signs of man there(expect for what washes up on shore). We all take our camping gear and camp right on the beach for 8 days where we get to do basically what ever we want. Days are spent trying to keep cool, going on hikes, taking many pictures and of course working on a sketchbook. This trip has been a great way for my to develop my sketchbook skills and to get a taste of working on travel guides and adventure art, which is what i would love to do for a living.

So i have here for you today a few tastes of my horn island sketchbook, and as always i would love any feed back. I know I don't update enough, but I am trying to slowly become more involved with blogger and try to make some new contacts.

so without further adieu...
Now I shall spend muc time this summer developing sketches and produsing some work to go up in the Horn Island show that will be held at MCA at the end of the summer. Everyone should GO. More details later.

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