Sunday, November 04, 2007

Holiday Bazaar and Old Work

I have decided to put some older work into the Holiday Bazaar this year, but wanted to make sure I had good pictures of everything just in case I DO sell all my work. I also figured that since I have all these cool new pictures of decent looking old work, why not show it to the world!

But I warn you, this is all work from at least a year and a half ago, so try not to lay such a thick judgment. And if anything looks good, and your interested...LET ME KNOW!Keep in mind, this is not the only stuff I shall have in the show, just the things I did not have good pictures of.
In other news: I finished a Mural at a neighbors house a few weeks ago, it was very nice looking, and great experience. I will try to get pictures up here soon. Also, the very weekend i finished that mural, my friend Ashley Walker called me and told me she would like for to work with her on a mural at St. Jude. So thats what i'm doing right now. Hopefully after this mural is done, the company she works for will ask me to come back and work on more murals for them. I am most hopeful.

Go to the HOLIDAY BAZAAR!!! Nov. 16th and 17th! BUY STUFF!

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