Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dragon seat meditation center.

So i caught wind of a neato Buddhist temple and Meditation center in north Memphis, so i naturally went to check it out. Its about 20. min. from midtown, and fairly easy to get to! Almost every night the meditation center is open for anyone who may want to meditate, and they have a very beautiful temple. My first visit was sorta in the middle of the day, and i did not expect to see many people. Though it turned out that i saw absolutly nobody! The grounds were as quiet as a sleeping lamb. So i tooke some pictures and did some drawings of the lovely statures they have there. They have 5 stature areas all together, including an outside Quan Am alter area, with little mini Lotas ponds, a big fat happy buddha statue, and a beautiful statue scene of Buddhas birth.

On my second trip I braught some large paper, and my supplies and this drawing of the Buddha's birth scene, and spend some time talking to the stay cats handing around the temple. Still no sign of human life.

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