Saturday, November 25, 2006

Gr to my schools staff.

Well, I have to admit, i am very disappointed. Latly I have been doing these ink drawing based on buddhist art i have looked at, and everyone in my class and my teacher agree's that I have been getting some really nice results. One of my peices(seen below) was based on the legend of how buddha's mother became pregnant with him. She dreamed one night about a white elephant who touched her tummy, and at the moment she became pregrnant.
Not long after I did this peice, my teacher told us of a show that was going up, and was kinda last minute, so if anyone had anywork with them, if they turned it in, it would probably be shown. I showed him some of the stuff I was doing, and he picked out my white elaphent peice to put in the show.

But to my disappointment, it did not make it in the show, and I lost my chance to add the show to my resume. Oh sadness...

I supose there is always next time.

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