Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Monday night Community Meeting

On monday nights, at Quan Am Monestary, their is an english Buddhist community meeting. Usally I cannot attend these because i have class on monday nights, and the meeting is at 7pm. However one monday, I decided to skip and check it out. I'm very glad i did, because it was not only a very great drawing oppertunity, but the people were very nice and very informative. I got their early and hung out with the dogs, when A man named Leanard arrived. He is the one who organized these meetings, and it turns out is a graduite of MCA. So we talked about the school for awhile while he set up the chanting papers and meditation coushins and i set up my drawing supplies and paper. Two other women arrived, both in their 50's. Everyone was very nice, and I enjoyed my time there.

They started off with some meditation, then spent some time chanting, and instead of partaking in some walking meditation, we watched this rather long video about love and kindness.

They also informed me of the best night to go the Dragon seat medition hall, so that i could actually meet people. They also invited me to dinner with them that friday, though I concluded i didnt have the money to go.

Now here are the drawings!

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