Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Magnolia Village, trip 1

I saw on the Dharma memphis website that once a month they have a sunday retreat day at this Buddhist retreat center called Magnolia Village. Magnolia Village is about an hour south of memphis in Mississippi, basically in the middle of nowhere. But it sounded like a really beautiful place, and the trip was suposed to include a whole day of activities. Activies I could potentailly draw!
So we were all suposed to meet at the Magnolia Village before 9am, meaning I needed to leave around 7:30am to give myself time not to get lost, which ment I was waking up around 6:30-7am. REALLY REALLY early. So make myself get up, start my drive south with a giant cup of coffee, spot a deer on my way there, and finally make it there about 15 min. until 9am.
Theres only one problem, I am the only person who shows up....

....But! This turns out to be just as good, i spend the day talking and drawing the daily activities of the Vietamese family that owns the grounds and runs the retreat center. They are possably some of the nicest people I have ever met, making sure i am comfortable the whole time I am there. It turns out to be a lovely day, I get a great home cooked vegitarian meal, and they gave me a book about the parrallels between the teachings of Jesus and Buddha. They also tell me that on Novenmber 26th, there will be a family day there, with lots of kids, and that i should definatly come. I certainly will!

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