Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Magnolia Village, trip 2

November 26th, Its family day at Magnolia village!
Children running around, playing games, families meditating and practicing Buddhism together. Piles of food layed out in the large Kitchen. What a day.

I dont get up as early as I did for trip 1, and get there around 11am, with my camera and drawing supplies. Its a beautiful and rather warm day, so i get to do planty of nice drawings of the children playing.

And Oh the food, so much yummy yummy food. White rice, vegatable soup, this green bean salad stuff that was delicously salty, fresh fruits, a yummy noodle mix, and these fruit jello squares that i cant even begin to describe how they tasted!

And it was someones anniversery, so there was cake, and the mood was just generally night and happy. My drawings turned out"spot on" according to Joel. Heres the best ones:

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