Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Dragon seat meditation hall

After many attempts at finding this place, and getting confused with the temple which is not open at night, i finally figure out which building Dragon Seat meditation hall is. I am ever so glad I did too, because i met alot of really awsome people there!

Every thursday night, at 7pm, a group gets together to meditate and then hang out. I came early on this particular day to talk to some people. I met Lahma Kampou(I probably spelt that wrong) who was working on caligraphy, and we sat and had ourselves a chat about art and india and where he grew up.

It was a very enjoyable time, I did lots of drawing, met lots of local buddhists who didnt mind at all that I am Agnostic, and drank some good tea. Good stuff. Now with the Dragon seat drawings!

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